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Umm yeah, I had my first ride through Sempiternal just a few minutes ago...

2022.01.23 16:19 _dsuza Umm yeah, I had my first ride through Sempiternal just a few minutes ago...

As I came here through PS: SH and got more interested in the band, majority of the community recommend listening to Sempiternal up next on my last post a few days ago... Was more excited as the band's most popular song was the starter, sadly it didn't reach my expectations...Can You Feel My Heart is a solid, maybe didn't reach my expectation or not my thing... In The House of the Wolves, I smelled what's coming... Empire was also a nice follow up with Sleepwalker also joining the force, the first 4 sticked well, but was still below my expectations, You Know PS: SH was fully dope. Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake really captured me, DUDE! It's amazing and got me more keen to album and became my album favourite at the instant and came the Shadow Moses which made me l😳😳k like this, I was thrown away by that song and was forced to switch my favourite... Not so fast but Snakes beating Moses down became my #1 fav in album right away and still is. Seen it All before, perhaps the most underrated track in album... amazing song and very catchy, loved it so much... Antivist, this song is fucking relevant in today's world and pure banger. If I had to pick my fav, I would pick Snakes but of anyone ask me which song is the best...I would say Crooked Vultures and Hospital for Souls... BMTH kinda made Starset with Crooked Vulture before Starset was formed... Hospital for Souls, I think I don't have to talk much about this one.
Ok, I know this was very fast to review an album. I actually don't do write-ups like this... Most times i rate an album in critic websites after 5-6 rounds of listening... But this, Sempiternal and RATM are two albums which caught me so close to each track in the first listen itself... First 4 was easily the weakest songs compared to others for me, but those 4 are also amazing... I might appreciate it more in the future... Could say one thing that album is bonded so well with each song...True Masterpiece, even if I'm not a big fan of first 4, I could easily give this album a 5/5... At the beginning it didn't reach my expectations and on reaching the end it had already reached a place high up above than where my bar of expectation was set...
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2022.01.23 16:19 TheShadow0_ All of my customs in one pic

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2022.01.23 16:19 GianniRivera10 Maldini to DAZN : It is not worth it getting a player who can take away play time from those who are doing well like Kalulu. We tried to get a player who could be useful for the next 5 years but there was no possibility to do so.

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2022.01.23 16:19 slowfuture19 Does the amount of time smoking make a difference?

I was a heavy user (3-4 joints a day) for only about 8 months but I’m now nearly 2 months clean and I still have bad insomnia, anxiety and depression, even started taking an antidepressant medication this week.
Is it possible I could be experiencing PAWS even though I smoked for significantly less time than most?
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2022.01.23 16:19 Nikusu09 Russian YouTube Channel Recommendations

Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to find some Russian youtube channels that interest me. As of now, I enjoy channels such as Мирби and Easy Russian, but I'd like to find some drama/tea spill channels. Does anybody have any recommendations?
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2022.01.23 16:19 Rohitgicool_1 Big square tiny square part 4

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2022.01.23 16:19 VerbotenPublish Thanks to the warning beep a drummer can practice tempo anytime they're in a car not wearing a seat belt.

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2022.01.23 16:19 shisuxiszt i need some help here

I have a big doubt, I started to study Japanese, but I'm really lost. There are people who tell me to learn hiragana and katakana first and then move on to the conversation part, but there are people who say that it is best to learn in reverse. So I got really confused and don't know where to start! Do you have any books or even websites that teach or have material to teach about hiragana and katakana?
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2022.01.23 16:19 HorribleBluntRoller Serial Whiner in my community has pushed me too far this time.

If you’re reading this, I hate you.
Got a seemingly decent shopping order while passing by the grocery store Doordash gives orders for. $19, 2.5 miles, 20 some items. I honestly like this store and the configuration Doordash set up for its inventory, seems like they bought it from Instacart because it feels the same except DD pays $5-8 better on average here. You messaged me immediately, very worried about your paper products which they luckily had in stock and plentiful. Your soap was a little difficult having to dig in out the back of the lowest shelf, but nonetheless I didn’t have to disappoint you there. I’m oh so sorry I didn’t message you about substituting your instant oatmeal, it was only a downgrade to the less sugar one and it said you approved it ahead of time!
I’m really not sure who you had to call to hear that their green grapes weren’t in stock, but they had a few out on special display and I responded to you with plenty assurance they were green.. it was after this when you sent a message that changed the tone of this transaction. She tells me she will have cash for me at delivery since she only tips “a small amount upfront because so many dashers I get are lazy and can’t serve properly”. This translates to $3 btw, shoutout for the $16 base pay on a $110 order honestly its a good rate for once.
This immediately prompted me to check your address in detail, to which I discovered you were a customer that was so nasty to me on even the very first encounter we had! Probably 12-18 months ago if not longer, you had this order on the Caviar platform. I don’t remember the offer being bad, $12 estimate 2 & some miles again but this restaurant is problematic. Super small business, does not manage orders well and for some reason they didn’t confirm her incoming order for over 2 hrs, I am pretty sure they were open at least one of those hours.. either way you screamed at me on arrival as if it was completely my fault, mind you this was a total 20 min interaction for me after waiting on her food to be made from scratch. Also took my tip away completely, got about $4 for that one in the end.
Lets go back to me delivering today now, i simply just didn’t reply to her hateful message after connecting the dots and realizing I’m probably exactly who she’s referring to. I didn’t need to anyway, it was time to checkout and get this over with. I drive down and swing a U turn to park right to find someone else dropping you off some Dunkin.. lol you had no problems getting that but 1 minute later you’re totally ghost. I take 4 trips across your yard knocking 3 times total like you asked, but you’d really think there was suddenly nobody in this house just 4 minutes after grabbing your Dunkin. After standing around in the nice 30 degree + windchill for a bit, I go back to my car and start a personal timer for 5 minutes. After that I was heading to get my own food and end my lunch shift, and to no surprise after 5 mins of marking it complete with all those annoying texts, nobody had come out.
Now lets call it another 5 minutes go by, all of a sudden my phone is getting blown up about missing items, and I’m awfully confused because I had to scan each and every item in to my phone to get this far, and then again at self checkout.. (the receipt looks perfectly fine looking back.) Funny enough, I realize all of these “missing items” just happen to be bagged together and left on your decorated bench, as opposed to the floor. But nope, you stand your ground firmly about this and even though I can remember it clear as day and point it out in the delivery photo, I’m still getting chewed out. I pass by your place going back to my apartment just by chance, and I drove by nice and slowly to confirm that there are a.) no bags left where I unloaded them by the door and b.) no bags/items drifting on or around your yard.
Go complain all you want, you’re so full of it and its clear as day by now you just like to start arguments from your couch. Go enjoy your $9 bag of grapes you’re trying to fraud with the rest of what was with it. There were better items to steal if someone had run by and robbed you after I left.
I’m really mad that I don’t have all the screenshots, I should know better by now but I really was busy switching my pages around trying to shop! It was within the new Dasher app messages, and even though I could previously see dozens of old conversations in my message bubble, everything is gone now so I guess you reported me? Lol. I didn’t say anything I can’t prove to support if they come asking.
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2022.01.23 16:19 leejblakey She-Bears! Finally got back to working on them I like how they are turning out

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2022.01.23 16:19 DangerusThunder Bucky hanging out

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2022.01.23 16:19 NumberoneCalliefan_ by Next-lvl on deviantart

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2022.01.23 16:19 SpicyScope Any advice on where to go from this?

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2022.01.23 16:19 Settledforthisone H: AAE250 Mini Gun W: AA/B fixer offers

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2022.01.23 16:19 pssah4 Protocols used by game studios and developers

NFTs need to develop behind the hype use cases to stay.
At the moment, news are dominated by celebrities issuing their NFTs. Some of the will appreciate over time, most won’t.
One field where NFTs have the potential to last is also the one that is around since the beginning: In-Game items.
But this need adoption of the tech by big studios and that’s something where I currently can’t find any comprehensive analysis that shows which studios are using which protocols. There are several protocols and projects that claim to be leaders and telling about big things to come.
So I’m wondering if we could create an community driven overview of projects and theirs partners here. No marketing bullshit but real projects and use cases.
Who can share any insights?
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2022.01.23 16:19 Stnkftsailor Quick question about sampling gravity

I am using a conical fermenter with a sample valve for the first time. What’s the best technique for draining a sample without letting in air (O2 is my concern). Opening the valve tends to suck in the solution from the air lock.
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2022.01.23 16:19 Its-E How do I uninstall Better Vampires? [Xbox]

I’ve been trying for over an hour but every single time it says my game is corrupt. I’ve tried resetting it and that doesn’t work. I’m honestly at a loss on what to do
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2022.01.23 16:19 norocababe How do you take care of your body in order to be “fit” when you’re old?

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2022.01.23 16:19 givemeamugoftea my plan for my final face setup is finally coming to fruition soon! all that's left is surface anchors and vertical labret, then ordering all jewellery from bvla and zadamer - plus commissioning a 1/1 piece for my philtrum. all white gold and titanium w black onyx!

my plan for my final face setup is finally coming to fruition soon! all that's left is surface anchors and vertical labret, then ordering all jewellery from bvla and zadamer - plus commissioning a 1/1 piece for my philtrum. all white gold and titanium w black onyx! submitted by givemeamugoftea to Legitpiercing [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 16:19 Velikan07 Shot on Huawei Nova 5t

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2022.01.23 16:19 OrangeSheep12 Its bad to remember the times when I thought my voice was good

I mean people liked it anyway but in recordings it was awful for me. It was a good thing though beacuse I was confident enoguh to sing in front of people. Now I started improving myself on it but that confidence is gone after people on internet started saying its bad. So I won't be singing in front of people until I feel like its good on recordings. I hope I will improve since Im trying to learn and am doing exercises.
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2022.01.23 16:19 murderguppy sims 2 cc?

any recommendations for lipstick/makeup cc that won’t crash my m1? i’m open to ANY cc that won’t obliterate my laptop :))
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2022.01.23 16:19 IHateNoobss422 [WTS/WTT] Send-It Sunday Grizzly bench top drill press [WA]

I have a Grizzly 8" benchtop drill press, paid 127$ shipped, it's been lightly used, all of the parts are there minus one screw(for the flipdown shield). I'm looking for a Makita RT0701C or other router than be used on a 5D tactical router jig. Ideally you live in WA, because this thing weights 37 pounds and I don't have the box for it anymore... So definitely open to meetups lol.
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2022.01.23 16:19 shoeless255 New to painting, so I'm pretty proud of my Night Lord Aspiring Champion!

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2022.01.23 16:19 Kraubinator An update regarding Frank--the cat I adopted from this subreddit. He is so happy and healthy!

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