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Power weapons in Attrition

2022.01.23 16:28 InfectedProduce Power weapons in Attrition

Anybody else think that power weapons shouldnt spawn in attrition? Maybe its just me but i feel it takes a certain element of the game mode away and just favors the team thet can get their hands on them first.
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2022.01.23 16:28 Blevsterry New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2022.01.23 16:28 Ahmetoglusamoli Abi banlık bişey yok çok güzel karılar var kapat cıkırt

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2022.01.23 16:28 redditchao999 What's with all the pilot deaths in PC BT?

Have I been running my regular Battletech campaigns wrong? Finally getting to MW5 and was surprised to see that CT destruction kills pilots. Its the same in Harebrained BT as well, but in there at least the pilots could survive with severe injuries. Did the meta change or something? I always thought pilot death was only when max wounds are taken or if the cockpit gets blown up. CT destruction I always thought just meant that the mech crumples in on itself, and the pilot gets hit for the torso loss and a possible fall injury. Engine destruction is just a dead in the water mech. Did something change or do the video game devs just always figure it's easier to have more deaths?
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2022.01.23 16:28 bkviper Just finished up my GITD setup. Sorry about the quality

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2022.01.23 16:28 Pleasant-Signal3844 Dying leaves on my Philodendron Birkin

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2022.01.23 16:28 m1a1tanksauce Hollywood celebrities move to Texas and immediately start smoking cigars and showing off their new firearms

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2022.01.23 16:28 AmbassadorWorf I just finished my first watch through of Deep Space Nine, Which Trek should I watch next?

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2022.01.23 16:28 IkerGame17 Oh boy, 3rd inflation of the week...

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2022.01.23 16:28 schenanigans123 Hello, 24(m) , server in Europe, looking for players who want to play hardcore mode. or regular vanuilla

Hello, I am a software dev and I host my own server, but I like playing Minecraft but I have no friends to play it since everyone play's Fortnite or some mainstream game nowadays :3 plus I have a hard time finding players around my age, but I won't refuse younger players.
comment here or DM on discord if you are in :D discord: PuppiesnKittens#9597
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2022.01.23 16:28 six5mon People crying about tax

So to the fucking guy who is bashing SafeMoon about tax to me, and to the community can fuck right off and here's why.
Even with taxes, there has been 3 pumps to make great money off this token.
First, The ATH - People became millionaires. Wish I was in for that lol.
Second Pump - around September when the bull run hit hard again like Shiba, floki and many many others. First pump made millionaires. Second pump, people did 2 - 3x and the Third pump - afterv2, was another 2x.
Even with tax, the profits were amazing.
So this token may be harder for day traders at the moment ( but we know v2 allows them to change the tax for exchanges or anything) this token has a stable amount of Holders, keeping the token alive as it grows into an ecosystem.
Many of us are just holding through waves, and the downs because we know what the future could hold.
And 20% tax isn't bad if you hold long term. You get that back in reflections(then make interest, so your tax has turned to passive income strictly) over time and if the price rockets, you make a fucking killing on the actual value. You think I care if I take a tax hit but make profits I could never make off my day job? Hell no and like I said, hold long term, the tax doesn't fucking matter. The government takes over 35% taxes off every paycheck of mine PLUS every thing I purchase.
Long Hold: 20% tax is returned and then turned into passive income at a potentially very high rate.
Short term: Huge opportunities to ride each pump for big profits, even at 20% tax.
If you think the token price will keep falling and don't want to hold, just wait for pumps and make a buck.
If you just want to buy in, and don't care that the price goes down until everything is moving, and your are okay with the money you invested, then know that the tax literally means nothing.
Either way, major profits to be made. If you bought at the top of a pump, dca and wait. Or just wait.
So again, don't let these fucking fudders get to you. Some people just want to see projects die for their own reasons.
The team is trying to build something . The past team was shit, we all know this and that's why they got fired. With the new office, parents with CIA background, our CEO and Team WANT to succeed. It's in theirs and every one's best interest.
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2022.01.23 16:28 DogaruMom Cold one today. Good thing Bucky loves his hoodie!

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2022.01.23 16:28 iM-nOt-FuLlY-aWaKe Just beat my previous best time by 16 seconds, was wondering if the time is actually impressive

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2022.01.23 16:28 Bopthough Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda

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2022.01.23 16:28 ifallupthestairsalot 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.23 16:28 FranzCorrado Thrive Streaming | Opensource_gaming twitch channel!

Hi there! Today I am going to stream this awesome game for the first time!
Needless to say that I am amazed by the quality of the work here and can't wait to stream it to share this beautiful work with everyone! If you wanna join us, feel free to come and say hi!
Stream starts at:
🇪🇺 22.00 CET 🌍 21.00 UTC
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2022.01.23 16:28 innocentdraws done with pen without a pencil sketch

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2022.01.23 16:28 StrategyKey3790 Love on the Hinges and a Series of Unfortunate Rolls (Mild Spoilers for Wild Beyond the Witchlight ahead, so read at your own risk!)

After roughly a month of having games cancelled due to employee and player health and things just not aligning, yesterday was the first day back at DND. It's been a long time, so here's a quick recap of the party: Qwee, a Tortle Barbarian, and Clover, a Harengon Druid. Skullcrusher, our Gnome Barbarian, and Galdren, our Dwarf Sorcerer, were out, so it was just Qwee and me for the session. We decide early on that we're a party of two 2nd level characters. Combat with anything other than a Mephit is likely not gonna go well. Let's try to avoid that.
In any case, we start the session at a Hag's Hut and our vow of pacifism is looking harder and harder to keep. We're sneaking around the house, trying to not be heard, but our rolls are against us. Everytime we try to open a door stealthily, we fail our stealth checks and it creaks to high heaven. So, I decided to at least have a little fun with it and the next time we open a door, I go up to it, give the hinges a little pet, and say something along the lines of "You're doing such a good job holding this door. Such a good job. Please don't creak when we open you" and roll.
Nat. 20.
The door opens smooth as butter, so I decide to try that trick next time we have to sneak through a door. Some love on the hinges and...
It wasn't a Nat 20, but is was high enough to pass the stealth check! Unfortunately, that's where the good rolls for our party end.
We meet with the Hag and, to our credit, we don't have to fight her. Instead, we agree to do some chores for her in exchange for information. First, track down a hunter who had a crate of animal carcasses meant for her (she's into taxidermy). Then, we have to find her "Little Black Book of Bad Blood." (We'd actually gotten this off an NPC earlier, but thought that whipping it out in front of her like we'd had it the whole time would be a bad idea) and find out what's clogging the well that feeds her pool. Easy stuff, right!
Well, we opt to investigate the drain first, since we're already in her hut. Qwee's a tortle, so we decide to send her down first, since it just looks clear all the way down. Clover wildshapes into a Boar and ties a rope around her neck in case Qwee needs a quick exit. Down the drain the turtle goes. The water gets thicker and thicker as she goes down until suddenly, she needs to make a strength check. She fails and is grappled. Two hits later and she's unconscious. And still moving down the well. And the rope has disintegrated.
I have Clover drop her wildshape and hop into the well. She knows cure wounds, so if she can just get close to Qwee and save her from death, it should be all good, right?
Clover gets grappled and goes down. Underwater. With a CON Modifier of 2...
So the rest of the encounter has us making Death Saves and, surprisingly, both Qwee and Clover pass all 3. Qwee's back up with 1 Hit Point, breaks the grapple and swims to the surface with a very soggy rabbit. Clover's stable, but she's also been underwater, so DM rules that Qwee can get her back up with a medicine check.
A medicine check which Qwee fails...
Normally that would be the end of Clover, but keep in mind, we've got a Hag upstairs... One deal with the devil later and Clover's back as a Hexblood. She also rolls high enough on Intelligence after waking up to realize what was clogging the Hag's drainpipe and what we were trying to fight.
A Gelatinous Cube...
Or a Gelatinous Cylinder since it was inhabiting her drain pipe...
Needless to say, Qwee and Clover opt to track down the crate of animal carcasses and make it seem like the book was just somewhere random and we found it (in our defense, it had been about a month since we'd been in a session and we genuinely COULDN'T remember exactly where we'd gotten it...)
The crates are easy enough to find. Getting them across the lake to the hut however is not. Two punctured lily pads later and we have two options: Either we try to find a Ghostly Boat that circles around the lake (after the encounter with the Gelatinous Cylinder, we're not too into that idea,) or Qwee, having proficiency in Carpenters Tools and possessing said tools, builds a raft herself. Seeing as how there is a rather large Tree (capital for a reason) in the Bullywug settlement, we opt to take a few of its branches and make the raft like that. Just a few branches mind you, not enough to chop down the whole tree. No harm done. They'll grow back eventually anyways!
The Tree however, did not see it that way...
We roll initiative against the tree and it goes after Qwee, seeing as how she hit it with an axe. It grabs her, does a pretty damn high amount of damage, then chucks her into the lake. Then it goes after Clover. Admittedly, this was not my brightest moment, so I produced a flame, threw it at the tree, then pointed to the lake.
The Tree did not take the hint.
Tree grabbed her, threw her into the lake, and drained her of all 17 of her hit points in one fell swoop.
Qwee caught up after one failed Death Save, when the DM decided to be merciful and ruled that, given the absolute scene we'd been making at the foot of the tree, some Bullywugs must have seen that shit go down. 25% chance that one of them has some manner of healing item on them. 1-5 he does, everything else, it's good old fashioned rolling and praying. DM Rolls...
And it's a 4!
With that, Clover woke up on the shore with 4 hit points to her name, looked over at Qwee and said...
"Let's go find that Ghost Boat."
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2022.01.23 16:28 Fallout76Purveyor H: Trade wall W: Fixer/Handmade/ FFR Enclave flamer offers

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2022.01.23 16:28 X8883 Nothing but a white void

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2022.01.23 16:28 catgirlluv1 me (18F) and my gf (17F) r looking for movies to watch together

Hiii me and my gf r borrreeeeed and wanna watch some movies sooo i thought i'd make a post and see if you have any movies you like (anime movies wroks too)
And ofc we could just talk normally, my hobbies: I skate, bake, play video games aaand swim, hmu if any of this grabbed ur attention
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2022.01.23 16:28 AmbassadorWorf Meme

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2022.01.23 16:28 ReinkDesigns This Bard Subclass Will Help YOU GET LUCKY - A Homebrew Bard Subclass for Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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2022.01.23 16:28 vadumee123 "Hey Dana! Where are you going? Francis just won and we have to put the belt on him!"

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2022.01.23 16:28 New_Bid_1595 Bitter about teacher from high school. What do I do?

This occurred in high school. This teacher was the leader of the Mu Alpha Theta club, where you do nothing but attend the initiation ceremony and possibly get a leadership position just from being one of the popular kids. I was the only one in 10th grade to get in the club, but didn't get a leadership position in 12th grade even though it was quite clear I was the best math student there.
Back to the point, this teacher thought I would turn out to be one of the most intelligent students when we met before the initiation ceremony. When I took too long to answer one of his questions in his math class, he looked at me as if he was in utter shock and he was obviously very disappointed. I ended up with a fucking 5 on his AP exam, but I can't really get over the fact that he saw me as a huge disappointment compared to the students he had a decade earlier. I looked those former students up on LinkedIn and they don't seem to be very impressive now. Plus, they had the support of each other back then while I had only myself. It was an entirely different environment back then. Even worse, he found other students to be more impressive than I was. Those kids are majoring in shitty majors like actuarial sciences (whatever the fuck that is) and neuroscience while I'm majoring in fucking astrophysics and pure mathematics. It would have helped with my self-esteem if he had actual high EQ and high IQ. He had none of both. He thought that I was selfish (isn't everyone a selfish person?) and childish (not really?).
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